Friday, November 14, 2008

Day 5 of Making Your Home a Haven

Well, today the theme is Inviting and Giving. I won't be inviting anyone over for tonight but I think I might be able to manage making something to give to someone. That might be doable. I didn't plan ahead for participating this week at The Homespun Heart as my daughter discovered it and only told me about it on Monday, so I've been going one day at a time. Here is my list for today.
Bible reading
breakfast, dress children and myself
start a load of laundry
unload and load dishwasher (we do this at least three times a day)
school work
prepare dinner - tacos
I also need to run a errand to the cell phone store. I think they hoodwinked me into a two-year extension on my plan that I didn't authorize, nor did I sign up for. Praying that I can get out of it easily.
If you want to participate in the challenge go to The Homespun Heart and see how others are spending this week making their homes a haven.


Sarah said...

Hi! Thanks for taking my challenge of inviting people over! It will help me be accountable as well! I just discovered the Make your Home a Haven thing Sunday night, so I was unprepared for the challenge, especially today!

You have a lovely family! Hope to be talking to you again soon!!!

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Hi I spotted your link over at Monica's and figured a mom of many is someone I wanted to visit! I was right, your blog is delightful! You are quite an inspiration....I have a set of twins, but I only have five kids at this point. :)